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Before becoming a software engineer, I was a researcher studying software engineering at the universities of Utrecht, Karlskrona/Ronneby (these days known as the Belinking Institute of Technology), and Groningen. Additionally I worked at Nokia Research. On this page you may find various things I’ve published from those days. You may also find me on Research Gate, even though I’m not very active there. If you need something that isn’t listed on this page, drop me an email.

I choose to share my published work via this website. The reason is simply because I wrote these articles so that others may read them. I find that locking them up behind tightly controlled for profit publisher web sites is a good way of ensuring few people do that. It should be noted though that in some cases the copyright of the material belongs to the publisher and not to me. It is my understanding that publishers generally don’t object against authors providing downloadable pdfs of their published work. I know this to be true of at least the IEEE where several of these articles have been published.

Students / PhD Students

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of supervising/coaching several smart people with their thesis work either officially or unofficially. Looking back, all of them went on to have amazing careers of their own and I realize that I learned as much from them as they hopefully did from me.

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