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This is my website. I’ve had it in various forms since the mid nineties and with this domain for two decades now. For the last decade or so, I’ve been in Berlin, Germany. Before that I lived in Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands (my home country).


I am the CTO for Formation where I am building a map powered productivity tool for frontline workers that provides them situational awareness about who is doing what with whom where in the workplace. We use integrations with indoor positioning, IOT, map providers and our own data aggregation platform. Formation was founded only last year as a company but has been bootstrapping for a few years. I joined in 2020 and am now very busy building out the team and technology platform and strategy.

Additionally, I work on the side on small projects mostly related to helping other companies with their Elasticsearch setups. As of 2021, I also mentor a few startups via Techstars program in addition to several startup friends that I coach and spar with.

Consulting Services

While my main job is being the CTO for Formation, I still do some consulting on the side to supplement my income. For this, I’m mostly looking for projects where I can add a lot of value in a short time.

I can do several things for you:

For more information, refer to my Linkedin profile.

Recent Customers

When not working for startups, I’ve done a few successful consulting projects with customers during the last four years:


A little guide for contacting me:

  1. I prefer email but please don’t add me to mailing-lists.
  2. I generally don’t connect to people I don’t know on LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, etc. Don’t take it personally if I decline your invitation for this reason. This happens a lot as I have all the buzzwords in my LinkedIn profile. See #1.
  3. Phone calls are just rude these days. Unless there is an emergency or you know me well: don’t cold call. Especially not during office hours. See #1. I’ve been getting a lot of scam phone calls so, I generally don’t pickup unless I know the number. Leave a message if that happens to you or, better, email or text me.

Privacy & Cookies

This site currently has no cookies that need setting, I have no analytics installed, and nor am I interested in invading your privacy. This may change in the future if I add some new functionality to this site. Current browsers are making tracking quite hard and I actually enjoy using browsers that are good at blocking this. If you enjoy the content, give me a shout out on e.g. Twitter or something. The web hosting that I use may collect some server logs of course. Beyond that, I’m not aware of any kind of tracking or privacy invading tools on this website.

If you are looking for a privacy policy, you just read it.