Google Go

Like every week there were the usual announcements of new stuff from Google this week. Highlight this week must be the experimental language Go. My initial response, not hindered by any knowledge about what Go is about, was: yet another language, why bother? I watched the rather interesting techtalk about this new language and I have a bit more insight now. My initial response is still prevailing, but I can see how Go could influence things in the right direction since it does do a few cool things.

Things I like about Go:

What I don’t like:

In short, nice concepts but I don’t see the need for tearing down everything we have and starting from scratch. Basically this language is scala + a couple of tweaks and minus all of the integration work and maturity. There are lots of contenders in this space and Go is just yet another one. They probably should have called it E since it is just repeating the mistakes of C, C++, and D but is not quite the same as F#.