Photos Rome


I’ve been polishing my photos in Picasa and ended up using the nice sync feature to upload them to the corresponding photo sharing site as well. So go here to enjoy them.

Picasa is a bit of a downgrade since I used to spend way too much time polishing with powerful tools such as Photoshop, Gimp, etc. However, I find I like the workflow in Picasa better. And while the few basic edits you can do there leave something to be desired, it’s good enough. I have the Gimp installed as well but it’s just so slow, buggy and weird to work with it’s offensive and I won’t be investing in Photoshop on my new mac since the price is just way too high. Technically I could go for Photoshop elements except it doesn’t come with some features that I really would want (24 & 32 bit images, LAB mode, layers & ways to combine them, flexible masking, etc). You can sort of do some of that in the Gimp but it is frankly painful and the results tend to be underwhelming. I have some hopes that this KOffice photo thingy might live up to some of the hype. I’ll be giving it a try as soon as I can lay my hands on some Mac OS X binaries. Otherwise, if anyone knows of any other OSS photography tools for Mac I’d be very interested. I’m already a Hugin user as blogged earlier this week (and see above linked album for some nice panoramas).