Stitched Photos


I have over 50 panorama photos taken over the last few years. In my regular photo album, photos are downsized to ensure I don’t run out of disk space with my provider. However, for panorama photos this means the size becomes too small to admire all the detail inside. So I have created a separate album where each panorama photo can have a maximum height or width of 3000 pixels. In quite a few cases that is still much smaller than the original resolution (in some cases more than 10000 pixels width) but it is better than nothing.

Your browser will probably zoom the photos to fit your screen width so you will have to click on them to zoom in and use the scrollbars to pan left to right. Some of the photos actually are not traditional panorama photos but high resolution views stitched together from several photos organized in e.g. a 4x4 grid. This creates a nice effect where you get a very wide angle view of something that would otherwise have required an extremely large telelense + rediculous distance to subject to achieve.

For stitching, I have used various tools over the years. For the past two years the tool of choice for me has been Hugin which is an excellent but difficult to use tool for this purpose.

I also took the opportunity to add a bit of text to the front page of my photosite.