While updating my photosite I noticed I had accidentally broken it with some .htaccess rule that was redirecting index.html to www.jillesvangurp/index.php. Anyway, problem solved.

I also took the opportunity to upload photos from:

  • A trip to Madrid in April for the EU Sensei project I’m in.
  • Another Sensei trip to Guildford (UK) last week.
  • A visit from my friend Mark last weekend. We rented a car and did some serious driving to Nuuksio, Hanko (with a stop at Raseborg’s castle) and Naantali. Also we celebrated midsummer together with a lot of wet Fins in Seurasari, just behind my house.

Given that I’m traveling to Madrid again next wednesday (vacation), it was about time too.

Me on Plaza Mayor in Madrid.

My friend Mark admiring the boats in Hanko.