Still traveling


I’ve been traveling since Monday already. I left Helsinki for a short trip to Madrid to attend a meeting for the European project I am in since January. Madrid is great and I had a opportunity to catch up with Christian del Rosso, my neighbor in Helsinki who is living in Madrid for one year to do a MBA. The meeting was like most such meetings a necessary evil but the dinners were great. I had some nice tapas and on the second evening we went to El Buey, which as the meeting organizer suggested was not suitable for vegetarians or Hindus (beef only). Nobody seemed to object against that and the food was excellent.

Earlier, on the same day, my father had called to tell me that my grandmother had died (93). This was not really unexpected since she was not well the last few weeks and had basically stopped eating and drinking pretty much. Consequently, I had already decided I wanted to be there for the funeral. Luckily, my flight back from Madrid on thursday conveniently had a stop in Amsterdam that I managed to extend over the weekend. So I was able to attend the funeral yesterday without burning extra amounts of kerosine for an extra trip.

I’ll be flying back on Monday and will add some more photos shortly after.