Updated my photo site


I’ve just started uploading my new photo site. It’s 150 MB so that is going to take some time. It should be back up in about two hours (I hope). Basically one of the changes is that I’m now using rsync for this as well and no longer rely on clumsy ftp. The big advantage is that I waste less bandwidth and time and gain some convenience.

The other big change is that I retired my good old [JAlbum](http://jalbum.net) theme. I designed this theme a few years ago and did several updates to it and even posted it on the JAlbum themes site. However, JAlbum has kept on developing and the new default themes that come with the latest version have a lot of nice features that I’m just not going to replicate in my own theme. So, I regenerated the album with the Chameleon theme that comes with it and it has a lot of nice features:

  • Nice UI
  • Javascript Slideshow
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Nice navigation options
  • It prints whatever metainfo that is there, including EXIF
  • It doesn’t look half bad either

Of course there is some downsides as well. This is basically a table based layout, which I don’t like and was in fact the whole reason for me getting obnoxious about standards and rolling my own theme. Basically, I’m tired of chasing stupid CSS/HTML issues and am just not going to put in a lot of time into updating my theme (as I should) so bye bye xhtmlstrict and hello Chameleon.

Update. Uploading is done. A lot faster than I expected (45 minutes).