Storm of the decade


The weather is more than a little disappointing. The San Francisco Chronicle was labeling yesterday’s storm as the storm of the decade. In case you are wondering, jet lags are funny and I’ve been reading the hotel paper since 5.30 am when it was delivered. The only news in the world seems to be Britney + Ohio primaries, at least according to this waste of dead trees. CNN seems to concur, alternating their non stop coverage between the two non issues.

Of course that kind of qualifications in a US news paper always need to be taken with a grain of salt but it sure was no fun walking in San Francisco yesterday morning. To see what the (predicted) 30 feet (10 meter) waves look like, I took the N-line to the Ocean Beach end point and stared at the ferocious mix of horizontal flying sand + rain and the predictably rather wild but not so high waves breaking for about 30 seconds before deciding that getting soaked like this was probably not a good idea. The rest of the day I did the Moma (great!) and in the afternoon I took the cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf when the weather had cleared up somewhat. Today I’m planning to do the de young museum and then, weather permitting, walk onto the golden gate bridge. My city pass ticket for the De Young also gives me access to the legion of honor museum so I will likely go there as well. Tomorrow I’ll use my bay cruise ticket and use a few more of the museum tickets.

Despite the nasty weather, I’m really enjoying San Francisco. Hopefully, I’ll get some sun light and warmth in Las Vegas next week.