And another Stockholm photo


Other side of the bridge

When shooting the panorama in the previous post, I actually shot 7 images doing about a 270 degree circle, handheld. Of course I realized that the fence and hugely distorted angle would make most of the shots unusable. So I just stitched the first three and got the nice panorama posted earlier.

Then, just for the hell, I tried if I could stitch the other side. The fence would be a huge issue due to parallax error that basically no software can fix. It’s basically a worst case scenario since in each of the three shots the perspective is very different due to the close proximity to the fence. Or so I thought. I loaded the three shots up in hugin and let it do its magic of finding matching points and then doing some severe transforming on the images to make them line up. The end result is near perfect except for 8 spots where the cables don’t quite line up. I fixed those by pasting over a slightly transformed bit of nearby cable. It bends a bit in a odd way when watched at 300% magnification but it doesn’t seem to distract. Overall the end result is near perfect.