New photos added


A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Barcelona & Catalunya (and also France for a few days). I took lots of photos and have finally found the time to properly edit them. The result is available on my photo site, as usual.

I’ve learned quite a bit about photography from a number of web sites with excellent, in depth information on a wide range of photoshop and photography related subjects that I’ve tried to apply in practice. Quite many of my photos make use of contrast masks as well as overlay blended layers with white and black spots to brighten and darken bits of the photos. I fixed some difficult light conditions and also some crappy photos where I messed up aperture or shutter settings on the camera. Some of the photos I’m still not happy with but quite many turned out quite nice.

As ever the panorama’s were produced with hugin. This great tool is much easier to use, though still not for the faint of heart.

Here’s an overview of some sites related to photography that I have found extremely useful and informative: