Skype + Logitech USB Headset 350


After years of delaying, I’ve finally bought a headset and installed Skype. My new screenname is jillesvangurp.

The headset is a Logitech USB Headset 350. It’s a nice plug and play USB thingy that I can use next to my normal audigy 4 sound card. I.e. I can use my fine Hennheiser HD 280 Pro  for gaming, music and movies and answer the phone on my headset. I like it that way, the noise damping effect of the Sennheiser would just be weird when hearing yourself talk.

The headset installed fine in true plug and play fashion. It was recognized right away by windows as a USB headset. It’s a nice thingy with a volume control, a big mute button and a nice blue led blinking all the time.  The sound is good too and it feels quite comfortable.

Skype 3.0 is a nice piece of software as well. I had no trouble setting up a call to my friend Christian Del Rosso who has a webcam as well as a micropone. Well almost no trouble, he had some issues with the volume and it took some fiddling to figure out that in fact there was no problem with my headset.