New photos


My sister was here last weekend so we did the usual sightseeing and I shot some photos. Of course I visited suomenlinna again so there will be some photos similar to those of last winter. The weekend before my sister was here, was really cold and I took some nice pictures in a nearby park. The first two (here and here) have created out of stitched together photos using autopano and hugin to create really detailed close ups that would be difficult to do with a regular lens. I was in fact quite close to the sculpture and shot several photos of different portions of the picture using a focal length that does not distort the perspective too much. To get the full picture using the same focal length would have required me to be much farther away (like here, less detail) or to use a really wide angle focal length (beyond the capability of my camera) which would have made the perspective really weird. The effect emphasizes the fact that this is a huge sculpture that is almost as tall as the surrounding trees.