new site:


I recently got a new phone for testing purposes which is equiped with our new open source browser, wifi, a full keyboard and a nice screen with pretty good resolution (it’s the Nokia E70). Anyway, my regular photo site contains a nice collection of pictures but is a bit too heavy for this otherwise nice phone. So I created a light version of the site which contains almost all my photos and is still only 10 MB. The light version uses smaller thumbnails of lower quality and scales the full pictures to fit in a frame of 350x300 pixels and compresses them pretty strongly. The picture size should just about fit in the browser screen of the E70.

I will still keep myregular site of course and in fact I will upload a large number of new photos from my vacation soon (to both sites). I’m slowly working my way through the 300+ pictures I took with my S80 (I’m processing them chronologically and am about 2/3rds of my vacation). The picture quality is excellent and I am now really happy with this camera. But of course because it doesn’t do much contrast enhancing or other cheap tricks to boost quality at the cost of loss of detail, that means I have to go and edit each of the photos manually. I’m discarding quite a few but still the end result will probably be close to 200 pictures.