Google analytics


One of the new google services is Just by adding a bit of simple java script to your site, it starts tracking all sorts of statistics. I requested an invitation a few months ago and received my code a few days ago. I guess they’re encountering some startup problems and are also experiencing some pretty heavy demand from people like me.

I installed it into three of my sites (maximum is five) using three profiles:

For the moment, I won’t install it on the photo site (too much work). So far, it’s working fine on my blog thanks to this great wordpress plugin. Also it is working fine on my publications site. But even though the html is almost exactly the same (based on the same template) it won’t work on my main site. It just keeps telling me I need to add the javascript (which is there already). It seems more people are running into this problem so lets just see what happens. Apparently the problem might just fix it self in a couple of days.

Now as for traffic. The statistics are much better than what I used to get from nedstat before they renamed themselves to webstat4u and became greedy bastards. I’m doing pretty well. I managed to get a few hundred of visitors on my blog over the weekend. Apparently people are interested in my ubuntu post a few days ago and also my itunes post a few months back remains popular.

Update. The problem indeed fixed itself. Though still unconfirmed it is gathering data anyway for my mainsite.