New papers


I’ve been writing a few papers over the past few months. Two of them are now on my publicationssite:

Both papers are about service oriented architectures. The first one tries to bridge my earlier work on variability to the domain of web services and service grids. I see the latter as the emerging defacto integration technology. This facts makes it a likely candidate for becoming the backbone of many software product families and populations. Barring real time constraints, web service technology is really well suited for integrating large sets of independently developed subsystems and components. The second paper presents our views on mobile architectures and how to integrate services on the mobile client. You may have noticed a few SOAP related blog posts here over the past few months. I’ve been learning a lot both about the technical and architectural aspects of web service technology over the past few months. As you may have noticed in these previous posts, I have some mixed feelings about the current standards and especially their implementations. On one hand they solve real problems; on the other hand the level of complexity for the simple use cases is unacceptable. From the architectural point of view I’m much more enthousiastic. I see the current level of technology as promising but riddled with child deceases (and acceptable for many use cases despite that). I’m confident that upcoming third and fourth generations of both web service concepts and technology will be much better. Both industry and technology vendor seem to get a better grip on the concepts, something that was definately lacking in the first generation web service technology.

There are two more upcoming papers that, if accepted, I will be able to put online towards the end of July.