Dutch Scenery for X-plane


NL X-Plane : a dutch scenery for X-Plane Sadly link now points to some shoe retail site. Obviously no longer exists :-(

Just what I wanted. Nice scenery for x-plane. Despite weighing in at 60 GB, the world scenery coming with x-plane is a bit boring in some parts of the world. This is the fix for a small part of the world. The provided scenery for North Holland (region around Amsterdam) is quite well done. Flying at about 3000 feet lots of areas are clearly recognizable. Much better than the default scenery. Also quite nice compared to the nl2000 scenery for ms flightsimulator. Nl2000 is more detailed (in the number of objects mostly) and more polished of course. But then the ms flight simulator rendering engine is complete crap so you don’t actually see that much because everything is flickering all the time. X-plane on the other hand is above all smooth and allows you to see textured details in the distance.