good headphones


I enjoy listening to good music. In my opinion good music is good because it sounds good on anything from a cheap mono transistor radio to the most expensive badass soundset money can buy. However, having something decent to play music on can make even crappy music enjoyable and really adds to the experience when playing something genuinely decent as well.So I replaced my sennheiser HD 210 headphones with a pair of new ones from the same brand. The previous pair has lasted me about four years. Lately something is vibrating in an annoying way for particular (low) frequencies. Other than that the sound is as clear as it was when I bought them. However, the HD 280 I replaced them with today sounds better and doesn’t come with the annoying vibrating. Like the HD 210 at the time, the HD280 is slightly over 100€. Really good headphones (also available from Sennheiser) come at as much as 600€ but connecting that to a budget sound card is a bit pointless IMHO.Anyway, the HD280 so far sounds great and feels great. On top of that it seems to do a good job of blocking out ambient sounds such as the noise I’m making typing this and the fans of my PC. I’d say the HD280 is definately way better than the HD210 I listened to for quite a while and was pretty happy with as well.