wireless hell (2)

The story below has gotten a little long so I’ll summarize for the benefit of those with similar problems:

I applied various solutions to the connectivity and stability problems I encountered:

Here are the solutions I applied:

This more or less solved my problems. I still encounter the occasional disconnect. But it now reconnects immediately, by itself. A smart download manager, gaim and most media players should survive the brief disconnect without intervention.

If the above does not solve your problem, bring back the hardware to the store and change it for a different brand. Seriously, having to go through all of the above constitutes a really bad end user experience. Things are definately not working as advertised and you are entitled to complain, loudly! Most shop people are totally incompetent so be understanding of their ignorance but insist on a replacement or refund. Don’t accept the same brand unless you are sure you had a hardware failure. If you do so anyway, make a deal with the shop that if the replacement doesn’t work either he’ll refund.

If someone from Siemens reads this: you people suck. Your software is absolute crap and you know it.