iTunes v6


Well it’s only a few days ago I bought my ipod and now it’s obsolete already :-(, bastards. The new one is also 60GB, looks just about the same but can now also play videos on its slightly less tiny screen. In addition they upgraded iTunes from version 5 to version 6. I installed it just now, eager to find some improvements.

I’ve clicked through all the options and they are exactly as I rember they were in version 5. To confirm that I was indeed running v6 I of course checked the about dialog and indeed I am now running v6. I have absolutely no idea what it was they fixed or what was added or what actually made them decide this was +1 version increment instead of a .01 version increment like the version I installed this weekend. Probably it has something to do with the online store which now also sells music videos and disney crap, which I can’t play anyway (and have no desire to play) on my new ipod.