I was thinking about buying an mp3 player lately. I knew I wanted one. Not a shitty 512MB samsung but the real deal. Nor some shitty wannabe ipod from Philips with crappy software but the real thing. Inevitably this drew to the conclusion that I just had to buy me an ipod with 60 GB :-) and a nice color screen. Yes they are expensive but I don’t care.

Right now it is charging. Except from a minor conflict with my usb extension cable, the installation went fine. The installer barfed out with an ‘assertion failed error’ that should never be displayed to users. After I connected the ipod directly to the pc the installation completed without further errors.

Right now it is charging and copying my mp3s and a few thousand photos to its disk. In a few hours it will be done and then I can enjoy some music :-).

iTunes on the other hand will take some getting used to. I’ll give it a try but I’ll likely go back to winamp unless it is really neat.