Photo’s added


I spent some time fixing the output of my aging but trusty Canon Powershot A40. This was an excellent camera when I bought it and it is still capable of producing some nice pictures: with a little help. The photos are crap by default. You need to carefully edit color balance, contrast and use a sharpen filter to compensate for the lens blur and relatively low amount of pixels. If you do that properly, the output approches that of a modern camera.

Anyway, the result of my latest photoshop session can be admired here and here.

The first set of photos is from my summer holiday. This year, I spent my vacation in Andalucia (South Spain) after spending it in the eastern half last year.

Anadalucia is huge. It looks relatively small on the map but I managed to drive 4000 kilometers in it with a small excursion to Murcia (a small province inorth-east of Andalucia) to catch the plane to Helsinki for a job interview (also see previouspost).

The second (smaller) set of photos is a series of photos I took last weekend in London. My father and I decided to spend the weekend there and had a few pints, walked all over the center and visited Leeds Castle on our way back to the Chunnel (channel tunnel).