Eclipse 3.1M5 & WTPM3


I work with eclipse at work so it’s always nice to see new goodies from I haven’t had time yet to check these out but I sure will. Eclipse M4 & Web Tools Project M2 was a little shaky for me so I had to revert back to Eclipse 3.0.1 & MyEclipse. I hope the Eclipse M5 milestone will be somewhat more stable and that the WTP M3 will add the flexibility I need for more complicated projects. In M2 it still insisted on a very particular directory structure and on (needlessly) generating all sorts of stuff. This simply does not map to what I want very well. Since this is listed as one of the things that they fixed in this release, I am optimistic.

Go get the goodies here: - -

Update: definately not ready for action (WTP) :-(. Two severe exceptions whilst trying out some of the functionality. The thing started with an error about some axis jars not being available. This was in the releasenotes. Then I tried to create a web project and there things got ugly. I have no time to investigate this any further and will wait for M4.