After increased link spam activity (somebody found a way around the captcha) I decided to migrate the commenting system on this site to disqus.com. Along with (hopefully) a more spam resistant site, also come some cool features such as Facebook and Twitter login and a few other things. Installation was surprisingly easy. Sign up, install plugin, configure, export comments, done. I should have done this ages ago.

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  1. Naturally, I have to give this a try myself. Lets see how much damage this does (I hooked up just about everything on my disquss profile). If it turns out to be very spammy, I might reduce the level of integration a bit.

    1. That’s used as well on my blog. And a captcha. But still you get these assholes who basically construct a bullshit comment by copying random bits of the post and adding their shitty links to the link field. My mailbox was filling up over the past few weeks with moderation requests. Also somebody mass registered a few dozen user accounts last week. With disqus, I no longer need to allow people to create accounts. And it also provides openid, facebook and twitter logins.

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