I’ve been enthusiastic about openid for a while but have so far not managed to openid enable my site. WP-OpenID, which is the main openid plugin for wordpress is under quite active development. Unfortunately, until recently, any version I tried of that had some issues that prevented me from using it.

The author Will Norris got hired by Vidoop the other day to continue working on wp-openid in the context of the diso project. Diso is another thing I’m pretty enthousiastic about. So, things are improving on the openid front.

Tonight, I managed to get version 2.1.9 of wp-openid to install without any issues on my wordpress 2.5.1 blog. I’ve been testing and it seems to at least accept my openid www.jillesvangurp.com (delegate to myopenid) without issues.

So finally, my blog is openid enabled.

The delegation bit is BTW courtesy of another wordpress plugin: openid delegation. I’ve been using the 0.1 version for more than a year and it just works. Delegation is an openid concept where any website can delegate openid authentication to an external openid provider. This allows you to use a URL you own as your identity and also to switch provider without losing control of your openid url.

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  1. Glad to see you got it working. There do still seem to be some problems though, as I was unable to login with MyVidoop or my delegated openid (regardless of where I delegated it). Not sure if it’s a problem with the plugin or the server.

  2. Sorry to hear that. As far as I know, my server is a pretty vanilla php setup. My wordpress is up to date and I have a couple of other plugins installed. Possibly the captcha plugin is causing problems. Let me know if there’s any information that can help you debug this that I can provide.

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