Digiboksi is Finglish for DVB-C set top box. I bought one on saturday and had it replaced today by a different one.

Basically the story is that Finland is replacing good old analogue TV with digital tv. Terrestial analogue signal went dark a few months ago. A few weeks ago the ‘interesting’ channels (i.e. the ones in english) disappeared from the cable and the rest will follow in February.

So, I went to the shop for a digiboksi. Since I barely watch TV, I just wanted something that was cheap & something that worked. So I pretty much randomly selected the Samsung DCB-B263Z in the shop (hey it was black, matches my other equipment). Normally I’d do some research on the internet for such a purchase. Unfortunately this product seems to be specialized for the Finnish market so most info available seems in Finnish. Hence the randomness.

So I bought it, plugged it in and about ten minutes later was watching TV. I was quite pleased with the picture quality. The UI seemed nice too. Then it crashed. WTF! Anyway, to keep this short: it is a known issue, basically the shops are selling products with broken software. Sigh. So, after about 4 crashes in less than 24 hours, I went back to the shop today and mentioned the word crash. No need for further explanation. Apparently, lots of people are bringing these things back (I know at least one other guy). Five minutes later I walked out with a Handan 3400.

So far it seems reasonably well behaved though the picture quality is slightly less nice than the samsung (was a bit smoother and crispier). I managed to improve it slightly by disabling the built in contrast. If this one crashes as well, I’ll try another brand.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I’ve had the Handan CV3300 for two years and have been pretty happy with it. Just a few lockups during that whole time.

  2. Well so far so good. I had a nasty flu over the past few days and consequently got some great quality time with the thing.

    It has a couple of rough edges. The channel changing is much slower than the samsung (up to three seconds). The EPG is consistently not working properly and ends up locking up the UI (device no longer responds to remote control for a while). I also noticed some weird things with features disappearing, e.g. subtitle selection and audio channel selection buttons. Turning device on and off seems to fix things.

    So there’s definitely stuff to fix for the Handan guys. But overall it is good enough.

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