Testing performancing

Well, this seems to work. The performancing firefox extension adds a nice blog post editor to firefox. I’ve just installed it, using this excellent howto for dummies, and I’m now testing if it works. If this post ever appears on my blog, it probably worked :-).

Rick Ross Rules

Thank you Santa Rick Ross! I found this in my mailbox and have already received my gift certificate. Nice gift of the javalobby. Aparently I spend way too much time on that site :-). I have been a member since 1997(?) and leave comments in the forum on a regular basis.

Dear Jilles,

Thank you so much for being one of Javalobby’s top contributors and helping
to make Javalobby a great Java developer resource. We know you have a busy
schedule, so we really appreciate that you deliberately make time available
to participate and build the community. With your help 2005 was a year of
solid growth and positive change, and we hope you will enjoy the
enhancements we have planned for 2006.

We have a $50 Amazon gift certificate waiting for you as a small token of
our appreciation. We’d have sent the code directly in this email, but we
couldn’t be 100% sure you would receive it at this address. Just send a
quick reply to this note, and we’ll send your code out. Buy yourself
something fun and frivolous, something you wouldn’t ordinarily decide to
purchase. You do a lot to help Javalobby, and we are genuinely grateful.
Thanks again for being one of Javalobby’s most valuable contributors.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2006!

Warmest regards,
Rick Ross

WordPress upgrade

I’ve been a pretty happy wordpress user for the past few months. Though I had some issues with blogspammers, the current settings seem to have restored the peace.

This morning I saw that there was a new version of wordpress (2.0) and of course I just had to upgrade :-).

The main purpose of this new releases seems to have been to upgrade the backend userinterface. The (default) theme for the blog itself is mostly unchanged. I’m not sure if I like the new design. There seem to be a few glitches. For example the tabs look awful and there’s this vertical line which is just a few pixels to long. And you’d better like blue because it is all over the place. The previous version had a really clean user interface and this looks slightly more messy.

Furthermore the content editor is now a wysiwyg thingy. It seems to work except that it keeps inserting spaces in front of the first letter of a new paragraph. I’m not sure I like it. I’ll probably disable it.