Photo’s added

I spent some time fixing the output of my aging but trusty Canon Powershot A40. This was an excellent camera when I bought it and it is still capable of producing some nice pictures: with a little help. The photos are crap by default. You need to carefully edit color balance, contrast and use a sharpen filter to compensate for the lens blur and relatively low amount of pixels. If you do that properly, the output approches that of a modern camera.

Anyway, the result of my latest photoshop session can be admired here and here.

The first set of photos is from my summer holiday. This year, I spent my vacation in Andalucia (South Spain) after spending it in the eastern half last year.

Anadalucia is huge. It looks relatively small on the map but I managed to drive 4000 kilometers in it with a small excursion to Murcia (a small province inorth-east of Andalucia) to catch the plane to Helsinki for a job interview (also see previous post).

The second (smaller) set of photos is a series of photos I took last weekend in London. My father and I decided to spend the weekend there and had a few pints, walked all over the center and visited Leeds Castle on our way back to the Chunnel (channel tunnel).


A little announcement. After nearly two happy years in Nijmegen at GX Creative Online Development, I am now moving to Helsinki, FI.

I’ve recently been offered a nice job at the Nokia Research center. I am going to work at the Software & Applications lab as a research engineer. This 200 people division of Nokia Research is headed by Jan Bosch, who was previously responsible for getting me to Sweden (when he was heading the software engineering research group at the Blekinge Institute of Technology) and to Groningen when we made a transfer to the University in that city. Since a bit more than half a year Jan Bosch is heading the research department at the Nokia Research Center. A few months ago, he drew my attention to a vacant position and after carefully considering my options I said YES!

The final word came in friday and what remains is moving to Finland. If all goes well I will live in Finland the 1st of december.