I’m available for freelancing and consulting and currently looking for contracts.

In between gigs I work on Inbot, the startup I’ve been involved with for the last six years as well as various open source projects on Github. I am not currently considering fixed term positions. I’m used to working remotely. Within reason, traveling is not a problem but I’m not very eager to spend months in hotels.

Things I’ve done recently

  • Help a customer migrate their huge, mission critical Elasticsearch cluster to Elasticsearch 7.x and upgrade their indexing infrastructure, automation, and custom plugins as well.
  • Build Kotlin clients for Elasticsearch and Stellar (Github)
  • Set up ELK based logging and analytics using Elastic Cloud. If you’d like to modernize your logging, security auditing, monitoring/metrics, apm, etc., I can help.
  • Build Inbot – Stellar based reward program where our users earn InToken for rewards issued by our customers.
  • Build the search engine for using Elasticsearch; a material and metal alloy search engine.
  • Lots more for Inbot, Nokia/Here, and others.

What I can do for you

  • Support you with building a search engine using Elasticsearch. I have years of experience and can jump in to help with product strategy, architecture, devops, and the details of coding solutions.
  • Generic Java/Kotlin projects. I’ve done Spring Boot, generic servlets, and much more. I’ve been doing stuff on Java since 1996.
  • Jump start converting your Java code base to Kotlin. I’m good at refactoring and modernizing legacy code bases. Kotlin makes Java fun again.
  • Get you started with gaining insight into what is happening in your systems via Elastic based tools by exposing APM, metrics, logs, auditing data, etc.
  • Get you started with a block chain based product using Stellar, Ripple, or similar. Also interested in getting you started with the Libra tech stack and learning along with you what that entails.
  • While I love Kotlin, I also use lots of other languages and have recently gotten my hands dirty with Go, Scala, Python, Typescript/Javascript.
  • Tackle technical debt. We all have it. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and help fix it. Any software I touch, my goal is to leave it in a better state than I found it.

Things I’d like to learn

  • Rust – I know enough about this language to know I have a lot of learning to do. However, I think this is by far them most disruptive thing that has happened in terms of programming language in recent decades. I would consider any project that would allow me to learn on the job to be a great investment of my time.
  • Non javascript based UI development using alternate technology stacks based on Web Assembly. My view on this space is that the current Javascript world is highly dysfunctional and that currently emerging alternative technology stacks are about to disrupt the status quo of the last two decades. I’d be very interested in joining teams using e.g. Rust or Kotlin as a frontend language.

Contacting me

Contact Details

My rate and CV are available on request.