Jsonj: a new library for working with JSon in Java

Update 11 July 2011: I’ve done several commits on github since announcing the project here. New features have been added; bugs have been fixed; you can find jsonj on maven central now as well; etc. In short, head over to github for the latest on this.

I’ve just uploaded a weekend project to github. So, here it is, jsonj. Enjoy.

If you read my post on json a few weeks ago, you may have guessed that I’m not entirely happy with the state of json in Java relative to other languages that come with native support for json. I can’t fix that entirely but I felt I could do a better job than most other frameworks I’ve been exposed to.

So, I sat down on Sunday and started pushing this idea of just taking the Collections framework and combining that with the design of the Json classes in GSon, which I use at work currently, and throwing in some useful ideas that I’ve applied at work. The result is a nice, compact little framework that does most of what I need it to do. I will probably add a few more features to it and expand some of the existing ones. I use some static methods at work that I can probably do in a much nicer way in this framework.

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