Musa sapientum fixa est in aure

A long time ago, I learned Latin in school. Latin is a dead language, and other than appreciating sites like this, it is of little use to me. In fact, I’ve forgotten most of what I learned.

But today I discovered a nice web site, kindly provided by the Finnish broadcasting company, that might be useful to me. My Finnish is still maginitudes worse than my skill in many other languages, including swedish, greek, portughese, spanish, french, italian, latin and rivalled only by my ignorance of e.g. japanese and chinese. So reading the news in Latin might actually work for me :-).

Sola lingua bona est lingua mortua

I love this country

An event I’ve ignored for years and tactically zapped around on the TV is the eurovision song festival. When I was in Sweden, Sweden happened to win it (1999?). I heard about this while partying in BÃ¥gen, a very lousy night club in Ronneby. This year, I might keep an eye on the TV because this guy and his friends are going to represent Finland at this years edition. Wow ….! I hope they win :-).

One of the .coms that survived (and ridiculed) the whole .com thing is For years now their calendars have been a yearly treat. Hilarious, month by month (the individual months are put online, at unprintable but readable size). I’ve been regularly checking their site since around 1999. And now they have a vidcast. It looks like a regular business video but the content is pure satire. Be sure to check out every corner of that site.