Some reflections on a future of software engineering

Update. I accidentally published an early draft of thisĀ  long (for a blog post) article by clicking the wrong button in wordpress. If you read this early draft, the article is now in its finished form and I’ve added a couple of links, edited the earlier text, and added loads of links.

I have over the past year been a bit less active blogging and posting in forums. I make an exception on things related to build processes, distributed version management and Java and you may find a couple of fine rants on my website and across various blogs on this topic.

This post is intended to pull all of it together in a bit more grand vision and reflect a bit on what a post revolution software engineering world might look like. I don’t like or believe much in revolutions but I do recognize that getting from where we are to where I think we need to be amounts to one. The more likely outcome is an evolutionary development where the bits and pieces where I was not completely and utterly wrong might actually happen. At some point. Maybe.

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