My online presence

Aside from my blog, I maintain a few other sites:

  • You are looking at it.
  • I have my own page on
  • This is my online photo album with photos of vacations and other occasions where I felt compelled to snap lots of photos.
  • Stuff made by me. I recently moved some stuff from the old static html page to my blog and gave it a tag: stuff-i-made.
  • My Google Earth Placemarks One of the things I created generates html content from my Google Earth placemarks which I put in this corner of my website.

Aside from that I have profiles on a whole bunch of sites:


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jillesvangurp's photos More of jillesvangurp’s photos

I’m jillesvangurp on Twitter

I Also …

Aside from all this stuff you are likely to find me in various forums where I usually use my own name instead of some alias. I used to just claim the username jilles on most sites but it seems that despite the fact that I never met a single person with the same name, several do exist on the internet. For example, is not under my control. Nowadays I just use jillesvangurp, which is a name that more or less uniquely identifies me until a (distant) relative makes the unlikely decision to name his/her son after me, or one of the other Jilles’es in this world.

I’ve been online for over ten years now and that kind of leaves a trace in some unlikely places. Some of the things I wrote in the past look silly or stupid when I read them now but I have a simple principle that if I’m not willing to put my name under it, I probably should not be writing it in the first place. It’s one of the few principles I apply more or less consistently, the other one being that I have no principles (which I apply much less consistently).