Jilles van GurpJilles van Gurp

Bergstrasse 16/17
10115, Berlin, Germany

  • email: jilles AT
  • misc: jillesvangurp on github, hackernews, keybase, google, skype, hotmail, facebook, twitter, foursquare, linkedin, …
  • cell phone: +4917661895701. I’m also on whatsapp and signal

A little guide for contacting me:

  1. I prefer emails but please don’t add me to mailinglists.
  2. I generally don’t connect to people I don’t know on Linkedin, Skype, Facebook, etc. Don’t take it personally and if I decline your invitation for this reason. See #1.
  3. Phone calls are just rude these days. Unless it is an emergency or you know me well: don’t call. Especially if you are a recruiter. And especially not during office hours in which case, yes it is inconvenient. See #1.