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A little about me, after all this is my homepage. I was born on October 20th, 1974 in Breda (The Netherlands). I went to school, grew up and here I am writing this page :-). I lived in several places: Breda (1974-1986), Veendam (1986-1991), Apeldoorn (1991-1994), Utrecht (1994-1998). Ronneby, Sweden (1998-2000), Groningen (2000-2003) , Nijmegen (2004 – 2005), Helsinki, Finland (2005-2009). Currently, I live and work in Berlin, Germany.

I don’t really consider any of these places my hometown, although I have been quite happy in most of them and enjoy going back to most of them.

I have friends, family and other people I know in pretty much all of those places. Me being single, free and not particularly tied to any place, person, or job makes it likely more places will be added to this list.

Academic Career

I studied computer science at Utrecht University. In October 1998 I moved to Sweden. I moved to a little town called Ronneby in south-east Sweden to start working on my master thesis at what as then known as the University of Karlskrona/Ronneby. After finishing my masters degree in March ’99, I continued working in Sweden as a Ph D. student where I got my licentiate degree in 2001.

After two years, my supervisor Jan Bosch decided to accept a position as a professor of software engineering at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and I decided to follow him. I defended my Ph. D thesis there in February 2003. Afterwards I signed on for a one year contract as a post doc (2002-2003).

Industrial Career

Since research in software engineering is pointless without any real software development experience, I declined several offerings for another postdoc position and interrupted my academic career to get some practical experience. From January 2004 until November 2005 I worked as a software engineer (trying to practice what I preached in academia) at GX Creative Development in Nijmegen. That job was quite a change from academic life and I learned a lot about software engineering. I can recommend it to any software engineering researcher.

In December 2005 I accepted a research position at the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki where I joined the SWA (Software and Applications) lab, and later the Smart Space Application Platform team in the Smart Space Lab in NRC.

Beginning of 2009, I transferred to Nokia Gate 5 in Berlin where I am working as a principle engineer on the backend services (places registry and map search) that power Nokia’s maps.nokia.com.

My CV.

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