Lumia 800

I got my Lumia 800 a few weeks before Christmas. Since then, I’ve used it on a daily basis. I just realized I never actually got around to doing a review. Since I work for Nokia, it is always a bit awkward doing reviews since I can’t basically do a negative review without upsetting some of my peers in Nokia. So, disclaimer: I work for Nokia, any opinions you read here are my own and do not necessarily represent any official Nokia position.

My general solution to this problem has been to simply not do a review of any Nokia product unless I actually like it and won’t have to lie to you. So yes, I’m biased and definitely not objective but at the same time I don’t work for marketing, and definitely would feel bad about propagating lies.

I had no problems doing an N900 review a while back or reviewing the N8. So, now it is the Lumia 800’s turn. The good news is, I like this phone. In fact, like it so much I’d recommend this phone and its little brother the 710 to anyone, including close friends and family whom I definitely would not want to burden with a bad product. To be clear, I don’t take this type of recommendation lightly because if I’m wrong, I basically have to deal with the consequences of people complaining about embarrassing short comings, etc.

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