Google webmaster central

I’ve been using Google Analytics on my site for a while and it is really great. Recently my good friend Mark de Lange, who designs and owns web sites such as (in Dutch) for a living, pointed out that Google also has a great web masters section with lots of useful tools and goodies. After claiming ownership of your site, you can run some analysis and get some useful advice on improving your site. Cool!


Last month a European funded research project I’m in kicked off: SENSEI. The official project website is still under construction but somebody was kind enough to blog about it at least.

Sensei will be a lot of work and hopefully also very interesting and fun. It’s a so-called integrated project in FP7 which means it is one of the many projects with a lot of partners (21 in our case) across Europe of both academic and industrial side that are financed by the EU in the context of the seventh framework programme that will distribute billions of research money over the next few years. So if you are an EU citizen, thanks very much for making this possible with your tax money ;-).

Nokia is in Sensei for 9 person years spread over three years (50% funded). The blog post mentioned above has a pretty good overview of the key points of Sensei so I won’t repeat them here. My personal interest in this project will be on the software middleware layer.

Adamus 2008

One of my colleagues, Cristiano di Flora with whom I’ve written several articles over the past year, is co-organizing the second workshop on Adaptive and DependAble Mobile Ubiquitous Systems (Adamus) that will be co-hosted with this years WoWMoM symposium in California this summer.

He asked me to do a bit of promotion on my blog, mainly for the purpose of being able to link to a real blog post. So here it goes. The workshop looks like it could be very interesting and well aligned with what Cristiano and I are working on in the Smart Space Lab. So likely we will be presenting there as well. If you are interested in learning more about preliminary results from our current work, check out recent publications on

Christmas Photos

Before leaving for San Francisco a few weeks ago, I also spent Christmas with my parents in France. Of course I took lots of pictures and I was a bit more lucky with the weather there than in California. Since I’m visiting my parents tomorrow (flying home for my sisters wedding), I figured I should finally do a little editing and polishing of these photos. Results are here.

Google Social Graph API

OK, straight to the core. I assume you got your news elsewhere.

  • Link 1:outgoing links (as expressed on my blog using xfn): link.
  • Link 2: outgoing links from outgoing links (as linked on my blog): link.
  • Link 3: incoming links (using xfn): link (thanks Christian, others use XFN already ….).

Thanks Google! So simple, so nice to have.

Updated my photo site

I’ve just started uploading my new photo site. It’s 150 MB so that is going to take some time. It should be back up in about two hours (I hope). Basically one of the changes is that I’m now using rsync for this as well and no longer rely on clumsy ftp. The big advantage is that I waste less bandwidth and time and gain some convenience.

The other big change is that I retired my good old JAlbum theme. I designed this theme a few years ago and did several updates to it and even posted it on the JAlbum themes site. However, JAlbum has kept on developing and the new default themes that come with the latest version have a lot of nice features that I’m just not going to replicate in my own theme. So, I regenerated the album with the Chameleon theme that comes with it and it has a lot of nice features:

  • Nice UI
  • Javascript Slideshow
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Nice navigation options
  • It prints whatever metainfo that is there, including EXIF
  • It doesn’t look half bad either

Of course there is some downsides as well. This is basically a table based layout, which I don’t like and was in fact the whole reason for me getting obnoxious about standards and rolling my own theme. Basically, I’m tired of chasing stupid CSS/HTML issues and am just not going to put in a lot of time into updating my theme (as I should) so bye bye xhtmlstrict and hello Chameleon.

Update. Uploading is done. A lot faster than I expected (45 minutes).