simple note encrypt/decrypt with AES in javascript

Inspired by the hype surrounding the iphone and web applications, I hacked together a nice little toy to encrypt and decrypt text using aes. I borrowed the aes implementation from here and basically wrote a somewhat nicer UI for it. I still need to integrate sha1 hashing of passwords as the aes.js script author suggests that is a bit more secure than his current method.

I have no idea if it will work in the iphone browser since I’ve only tested in firefox. It partially works in IE7 and I have no desire to spend time finding out why it fucks up. Suggestions to improve my little javascript hacking are welcome of course.

BTW. password of the default content is: “secret”.

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  1. how you decode the cipher in mobile web?
    i use nokia sdk v 3 to test it,
    but it isn’t work on mobile web..
    may you help me??

  2. Have you found the issue of why it doesn’t work with IE7? I can tell that it works with Firefox just fine

  3. encryption is really useful since this allows you to secure and store important things and data. Plus this is another good kind of security measurements that assures your data.

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