If you use TortoiseSvn (a popular subversion frontend that integrates into explorer), you might be interested in xdocdiff. This tool can be plugged in as a diff viewer for several binary file formats, including .doc .pdf .ppt and .xls. It works by converting both revisions of a file to txt and then using the regular diff viewer to show what has changed.
I’ve been using subversion for document management for some time now. It is really easy to set up (there’s several ways actually) and really useful when working on a rapidly evolving document. Now with the ability to examine changes between revisions, it is even more useful!

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  1. Hi, I’ve just tried xdocdiff out and it worked a treat! It turns all the pdf into text and then does a text diff. However, I was wanting to compare drawings rather than pdf’d text files, so it wasn’t very useful.
    A simple fudge was to set the tortoise preferred diff tool for .pdf files to a pdf reader (such as Sumatra or even Adobe’s reader!) and then when you diff with previous you’ll get both versions opened up ready to look at in the viewer.

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