Whoohoo vacation!

After working pretty much non stop since December, I now have three whole weeks of vacation. Tomorrow I’ll fly to Marseille (fr) and drive to my parents new summer home in Saint Quentin La Poterie (about 50km from Avignon). After spending about a week there I’ll drive into Italy to do my usual style of vacation: drive insane amounts of distances and see lots of stuff. Anyway, I should be back online in a couple of weeks.

Self portrait

Selfportrait to show off new glasses

I’m not in the habit of making self portraits. Doing so is a quite hard and somehow vaguely embarrassing. I removed my previous attempt from my homepage after repeated warnings from friends and family that the photo was not exactly a masterpiece.

But circumstances forced me to make a new one. You see, I’m getting a bit older now and recently I started noticing my eyes felt really tired after a day of staring at the computer screen which made it hard to do the same in the evenings. So, I had my eyes checked and I now have some glasses with a small prisma and spherical correction which appears to be doing the trick.

Anyway, since I don’t see my family every week (I’ve been livng in Helsinki since November 2005) I got some requests from various people for a photo with my new glasses. So, here it is. I’ve taken about 20 shots, 19 of those are of the same dubious quality as my previous mugshot. This one has some focus issues but seems to be the best nevertheless. Of course I can always blame the glasses, hah!

These particular glassses took some time to find. It seems all shops sell more or less the same glasses with an annoying lack of variation in shape. Essentially there are three or four similar shapes which I suppose is due to the fact that it is easier to mass produce lenses if the frames conform to the same standards. This, nearly round style of glasses is quite hard to find. I happen to prefer round glasses.


If you use TortoiseSvn (a popular subversion frontend that integrates into explorer), you might be interested in xdocdiff. This tool can be plugged in as a diff viewer for several binary file formats, including .doc .pdf .ppt and .xls. It works by converting both revisions of a file to txt and then using the regular diff viewer to show what has changed.
I’ve been using subversion for document management for some time now. It is really easy to set up (there’s several ways actually) and really useful when working on a rapidly evolving document. Now with the ability to examine changes between revisions, it is even more useful!

Google analytics

One of the new google services is http://www.google.com/analytics/. Just by adding a bit of simple java script to your site, it starts tracking all sorts of statistics. I requested an invitation a few months ago and received my code a few days ago. I guess they’re encountering some startup problems and are also experiencing some pretty heavy demand from people like me.

I installed it into three of my sites (maximum is five) using three profiles:

For the moment, I won’t install it on the photo site (too much work). So far, it’s working fine on my blog thanks to this great wordpress plugin. Also it is working fine on my publications site. But even though the html is almost exactly the same (based on the same template) it won’t work on my main site. It just keeps telling me I need to add the javascript (which is there already). It seems more people are running into this problem so lets just see what happens. Apparently the problem might just fix it self in a couple of days.

Now as for traffic. The statistics are much better than what I used to get from nedstat before they renamed themselves to webstat4u and became greedy bastards. I’m doing pretty well. I managed to get a few hundred of visitors on my blog over the weekend. Apparently people are interested in my ubuntu post a few days ago and also my itunes post a few months back remains popular.

Update. The problem indeed fixed itself. Though still unconfirmed it is gathering data anyway for my mainsite.