Nice Photo of Helsinki

I did not take it myself but it gives a good overview of where I live (click for fullsize photo):

Helsinki seen from above

As you can see, I live quite close to where I work. It’s about a 15 minute walk. The historical center with the south and north harbor is a little further (top right).

New photos

I’ve been taking photos with my new Canon S80. However, editing (correcting color balance and curves mainly) all that is quite a bit of work. I finally found some time this morning and three new directories have been added to
Check here for some April pictures of Helsinki. Here for a few family snaps from my Eastern holiday and here for my visit to Talling late April. Notice that in the same month we went from frozen harbor to enjoyable spring weather in Tallinn. Basically, spring lasts about two weeks here.

Paticularly the Tallinn photos are very nice. The weather was a bit grey at first but turned quite nice at the end of the afternoon.

market square