Rick Ross Rules

Thank you Santa Rick Ross! I found this in my mailbox and have already received my gift certificate. Nice gift of the javalobby. Aparently I spend way too much time on that site :-). I have been a member since 1997(?) and leave comments in the forum on a regular basis.

Dear Jilles,

Thank you so much for being one of Javalobby’s top contributors and helping
to make Javalobby a great Java developer resource. We know you have a busy
schedule, so we really appreciate that you deliberately make time available
to participate and build the community. With your help 2005 was a year of
solid growth and positive change, and we hope you will enjoy the
enhancements we have planned for 2006.

We have a $50 Amazon gift certificate waiting for you as a small token of
our appreciation. We’d have sent the code directly in this email, but we
couldn’t be 100% sure you would receive it at this address. Just send a
quick reply to this note, and we’ll send your code out. Buy yourself
something fun and frivolous, something you wouldn’t ordinarily decide to
purchase. You do a lot to help Javalobby, and we are genuinely grateful.
Thanks again for being one of Javalobby’s most valuable contributors.

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2006!

Warmest regards,
Rick Ross